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Top 17 Best Dog Treat Bags In 2023

Brandon Forder
  Sep 27, 2023 7:46 AM

Dogs are known to act out and have tantrums for many causes. Having snacks close hand is crucial to keep your energetic puppy under control. As a reward for good behavior, you can toss the pet some fresh goodies from the convenience of a portable dog treat bag. You can wear a treat pouch around your waist, attach one to your belt, or tuck one into a pocket. You should start looking for the best treat pouches once you realize you need them to tame your furry pet. There's a lot to choose from, so it's important to assess your demands carefully before making a final decision. Following our in-depth shopping advice, we present our picks for the best dog treat pouches available in 2022. Check it out!

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Buying Guide

Easy to Open

Never again should training be ruined by careless bag handling.

It's frustrating, and it might also make your dog distracted. While the pouch should contain goodies securely, it should also be convenient to reach on the run.

When it comes to keeping your dog's treats secure, different treat pouches use different ways, such as the following closure types:

  • Drawstrings

  • Zippers

  • Velcro flaps

  • Magnetic closures 

There is no clear superiority to any of these approaches; instead, you should focus on finding the method that best suits your preferences and goals.

The drawstring and magnetic closure styles, however, are by far the most common and preferred by most owners.


Treat pouches vary substantially in size. There are treat containers that can hold only a few nibbles, and others that can hold enough full-sized treats to share with two furry friends.

When selecting a pouch, take your dog’s size and the type of your training sessions into mind. Is he a tiny pooch who will be satisfied with a handful of dog treats as motivation, or a bigger dog who will need something more substantial?


Since you’ll be donning it on the regular, it’s a good idea to choose something that will look excellent and fit in your everyday wardrobe.

On the flip hand, pouches with vibrant colors can be easier to spot if you’re prone to misplacing the buggers.


The material the dog treat pouch is constructed of determines its longevity and functionality. Most are constructed of polyester and nylon, making you feel comfortable when wearing them. These materials also allow for a wide selection of styles and extra pockets. However, spills and scents may be absorbed by these two materials. For ease of cleaning, consider bringing a bag with lined compartments.

You have the option to purchase silicone pouches that are excellent for stinky goodies. They don’t absorb grease and odor. They can also be cleaned in the dishwasher. Silicone pouches have one drawback: they can't hold much and don't have any compartments aside from the main one. As a result, you'll need to find some other method of stowing your extras. Furthermore, they are smaller than the fabric ones, so if you have a lot of dogs or particularly huge ones, they may not be adequate.


Dog treat pouches come in a variety of designs. You will come across different carrying ways, like over-the-shoulder, waist straps, or waist clips. Any responsible dog owner would do well to consider all of these options before making a final choice. Knowing the environment you intend to use the bag in is crucial. For instance, waist clips could be tough to manage if you wear long jackets owing to chilly weather.

Additional pockets

You can store additional dog treats or waste bags in the extra pockets of a treat pouch. Even though the additional pockets aren’t necessary, they may elevate the convenience of a dog treat bag to the next level. Once you know how and where you will be using the treat pouches, you should select a product with an optimal amount of pockets.

Clean Up

When it comes to dog treats, cleanliness is of paramount importance, especially if your dog enjoys oily or wet treats. It's important to be able to reach in there and clean up the crumbs and dust. Verify that your preferred brand doesn't have any storage or capturing mechanisms for the data. Look for labels that indicate they may be washed in a machine or cleaned in a dishwasher.


An item as simple as a dog training sack is subjected to a lot of wear and tear. It is constantly being opened, closed, pulled, and tugged on. Take special care with the materials you use for building. Try to find items that are well-made with details like double stitching and sturdy fabric. Clips and D-rings made from metal are also more durable than their plastic and nylon counterparts. Silicone bags last a long time but don't come with many extras like pockets or straps.


How to Clean Your Treat Pouch?

Keeping your swag bag fresh and tidy requires regular maintenance. You wouldn't believe how filthy they can get; cleaning up after wet or oily treats is essential for preventing the spread of germs and unpleasant odors.

The best way to clean your bag will change depending on what's inside. Not everything needs to be washed by hand; some can go straight into the washing machine.

If you want to avoid an accident, read the tag that came with your treat pouch and err on the side of caution. If, for some reason, the tag is missing, it’s wise to just hand wash and hang dry it.

Is a dog treat pouch necessary?

It's important to take pets outside often. If you want your dog to obey and complete the chores, a dog treat bag will come in handy. Even while not necessary, pampering your dog and keeping it well-behaved is much easier with these bags.

Do I need a dog treat pouch?

The objective of a dog treat pouch is to give parents with a technique to encourage positive behavior in their pups. They can get their hands on the rewards quickly and easily, without having to dig through jumbled pockets or bags.


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