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Best Metal Roof Paint : Review And Buying Guide

Brandon Forder
  Dec 6, 2023 5:08 AM

Two years ago, in the fall, I began painting my metal roof. I attempted to use the best paint I could find. During the hot months of the year, our house had a sweltering temperature. Keeping the A/C on full blast cost us a fortune in electricity.

Due to the house getting increasingly hotter while painting, it made me doubt the quality of the paint I was using! Your house should not heat up, but rather cool down, if you have a well-applied coat of roof paint. My friend, who also happens to be a professional painter, and I were chatting about this. The paint I was using on my metal roof, he said, was not up to snuff. My acquaintance also made the mistake of telling me that painting roofs in the fall was a bad idea.

The best paint for corrugated metal roofing will be used this spring. A dry and sunny day, according to my acquaintance, is ideal for painting galvanized metal roofs with acrylic coating. If you wish to avoid my blunders, check out my list of the top five metal roof paints from a list of twenty.

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Buying Guide

Type of Paint

Water-based acrylic paint is the ideal choice for painting a metal roof because it adheres nicely to the surface. It is possible to coat metals with oil-based paint as a protective coating. Nonetheless, acrylic paints are the finest choice because of their remarkable ability to dry quickly and their strong adhesion.

Acrylic resins, which are included in acrylic paint, protect the paint's surface from the sun's harmful ultraviolet rays. UV rays can cause cancer and are exceedingly harmful to human health. As a result, having a paint applied to your metal roof that blocks it out is a terrific idea. The color is also protected from fading or flaking by this composition.

Acrylic paint works best when applied in two-to-three layers for optimal results. Before you begin painting the roof, it's a good idea to give it a thorough cleaning using a primer.

Design and Color of Your Home

The color of your metal roof should match the style and color scheme of your house. Your home's exterior paint and roof's color should complement each other to avoid a jarring appearance.

As a result, it's critical to take time to examine the home's exterior and color scheme before selecting a paint color that works well with the rest of the house's design.

Your Choice of Color

Choosing the right color for your home and roof is critical because it's yours to own. Keep in mind that once painted, metal roofs will last for many years. As a result, choosing the right hue is critical.

Some considerations are critical when deciding on a hue. If your house's outside is bricked in crimson red, your best bet is to go with a roof color that contrasts sharply with the red. As a result, your home's appearance will be enhanced, and it will be more noticeable.


It's not a simple task to paint a metal roof. So, choose for a paint that has a four- to five-year shelf life. Because your metal roof is prone to corrosion, you'll want a paint that has rust resistance.

It's important that the paint can hold up to the worst of the weather. The paint should also be resistant to fading. It is also a good idea to apply a heat-resistant paint on the roof.


When painting a metal roof, the thickness of one layer is critical. It is easier to attain the desired membrane thickness if the coating is thicker.

If you want a thick membrane, water-based colors are not the best option. You should use acrylic paint because it is more durable and covers better than oil paint.

Ease of Use

Ease of application is an important consideration if you are not a professional and plan to paint your own roof. Paint that can be applied using just one tool is ideal.

Choose a color that doesn't necessitate an extensive application method As a result, you'll end up squandering a lot of time, effort, and cash.

The Look of Your Neighborhood

It's nice to be a little different, but it's even better to have good connections with your neighbors. So, you should choose a paint hue that harmonizes with your street's general appearance.

The Environs

Is your roof surrounded by trees? Do you have a view of the sky or other buildings from your roof? Choosing the right color paint for your roof begins with considering the near surroundings of your roof.


What preparations should one take before painting a metal roof?

Before beginning the painting process, the metal roof must be thoroughly cleaned. To begin with, any peeling paint should be carefully scraped away. Next, apply a primer to the roof in order to ensure a smooth surface for the paint.

What paints to use on metal?

Water-based acrylic paints and oil-based paints are the most commonly used on metal roofs. The paint should be acceptable for metal surfaces, so check before purchasing.

Can I repaint my metal roof?

Does your metal roof have the option to be painted? However, this is only possible once the metal roof has been cleaned of rust, sanded, and primed.

Can you paint a faded metal roof?

After washing, sanding, and priming the surface, you can paint a fading metal roof.

How long does metal roof paint last?

How much paint is used, how thickly it is applied, and the resins utilized all affect this. The guarantee period might range from five to thirty years on some paints.


It is important to consider your local environment and the color scheme of your home when selecting a paint color for a corrugated metal roof. If you aren't sure what color to paint your roof, a reputable roofing company can provide you with some examples. It's also a good idea to look into the laws governing roof construction in your area.

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