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Top 16 Best Napkin Rings Features, Reviews, and FAQs

Brandon Forder
  Sep 27, 2023 8:11 AM

Napkin rings may be a beautiful addition to the table at a sit-down brunch or dinner gathering, making each guest feel like they're at a fine restaurant. Each of these accents can serve as the finishing touch on your tablescape. Napkin rings come in a wide variety of styles, shapes, colors, and designs, making it simple to pick the perfect accessory.

Raquel Skrobarczyk, owner and principal designer of Heather Scott Home & Design, says, "A napkin ring adds a touch of elegance to any table." People want to go all out when entertaining because they have been spending more time at home alone in recent years. When setting the table, they like to use their best dishes, tablecloths, and napkin holders to show their guests how much they care.

We considered size, material, and quantity per set to select the best napkin rings from the many options available online. Raquel Skrobarczyk from Heather Scott Home & Design and Karen B. Wolf, president and owner of k+co LIVING, both provided us with invaluable guidance.

The Aria Silver Napkin Ring from Crate & Barrel, also available in gold, was our top pick. It can be used year-round on any type of table, formal or casual, thanks to its understated beauty.

We've compiled all the nicest napkin rings here.

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Generally speaking, the diameter won't deviate too much from a little under two inches. Raquel Skrobarczyk, lead designer and owner at Heather Scott Home & Design, adds, "This size will fit one napkin nicely." "But generally speaking, we're talking about a size of two inches."


Many factors are subject to individual taste when it comes to ornamental elements. The greatest napkin rings can be found in a variety of materials. Keep in mind the proper methods for cleaning them, though. Most may be cleaned with a damp cloth or a spot cleaner. However, if you're going for a more intricate pattern, you should probably put it somewhere other than the gravy boat.

Skrobarczyk advises going with whatever "fits the overall aesthetics." Perhaps a rattan table would be the best option for al fresco meals. Intimate gatherings could call for brass, gold, or silver. It all relies on the other variables that are in play at this point.

Karen B. Wolf from k+co LIVING says, "They are accessible in a wide range of materials and styles to accommodate any tablescape concept, be it boho, romantic, minimal, glam, elegant, organic, farmhouse, traditional, garden, rustic, and so on."

Number Per Set

Wolf explains that while the cheapest sets can cost as little as $20 to $30, the most expensive can cost $80 or more.

Napkin Holder or Napkin Dispenser?

One kind of the napkin ring, the napkin dispenser, is sufficiently specialized that it ought to be treated as a separate item. An individual napkin can be removed from the dispenser without disturbing the other napkins.

A metal container holding springs. It has a rectangular aperture in the middle and presses the napkin under the cover. The opening is big enough that napkins can be pulled out without difficulty. However, it is compact enough to fit within the original box with the remainder of the set.

In contrast to its more limited use in private residences, the napkin dispenser is a common fixture in eating establishments and watering holes. This is because it is versatile and may be used with a wide variety of paper products, including napkins. Its generic style frequently clashes with tastefully arranged domestic settings.

Standard Napkin Ring or Figural Napkin Ring?

Napkin rings can be divided into two categories. Two types of napkin rings are seen here: the plain and simple ones, and the more elaborate ones with figures.

Standard napkin rings

The most common kinds are the simplest to make, and they might only resemble a bracelet from a distance. They typically lack complex patterns and figures. Every one of these rings is really plain. Depending on the material, these are the cheapest options.

Figural rings

Now we get into the more fantastical models. These can be found in a wide variety of styles, with designs ranging from plain to intricate, and even include miniature sculptures of people. It's possible that the rings will feature a butterfly or bird. They can be made out of a variety of precious metals and gems. They cost more than regular ones do. Similarly, they will add a lot of flair to a fancy outdoor wedding reception or other banquet.

Size and Shape

The size

There are usually many different options available, both in terms of shape and size. Despite the lack of a hard and fast rule, napkin rings tend to be between 1 and 1.5 inches in diameter. Each person has their own unique sense of style and taste. Rings of a larger size should be used with smaller napkins and vice versa. The same guideline applies when using thicker or more substantial napkins.

The shape

When it comes to the shapes, classic designs tend to be round. Napkin rings come in a variety of shapes and sizes, including square, contemporary, and classic designs. Napkin rings made of beads or paper cuts can also be used for such purposes.


In addition to its practical purposes, the napkin holder can also be used to hold napkins. However, they serve aesthetic purposes. Think about the layout, color scheme, and style of the model. Can you imagine using the same chairs, plates, and silverware in a meal together? Be sure it blends in with the decor already present in your home. Napkin rings should not coordinate with the color scheme of the dining area or the fabric of the tablecloth, runner, or placemats. You only need to make sure that there is some sort of stylistic connection (in terms of color, material, and so on) between all of the different parts.

One final piece of advice: once you've settled on the perfect napkin rings, make a note of the make, model, style, and manufacturer. You should do this so that if any of your supplies go missing or you just need more, you can easily replace them with an exact or suitable substitute.


What is the purpose of a napkin ring?

Napkin rings were commonly used informally and at family gatherings to keep linen napkins together and prevent them from getting soiled. Napkins were used once and then returned to their respective napkin rings if they were still quite clean. More frequent washing has become the norm. But oddly, a cloth napkin ring can serve the same function as its plastic counterpart while also being more eco-friendly.

Napkin rings, as Wolf puts it, "are the jewelry at the table" and add "that extra special touch." They can set the tone for a tablescape and round out the argument. Also, they are versatile enough to be used for any event, from the most laid-back to the most formal.

When should you use a napkin ring?

While Wolf acknowledges that napkins can be stored in a ring, she sees them more as a beautiful accessory for the table. Napkin rings are a delightful diversion. Start a collection based on a color scheme, a theme for your tables, the occasion, or whatever strikes your fancy. A collection can be displayed in clear jars and used as a decorative element on shelves.

Who invented the napkin ring and what was their purpose?

It's interesting that someone thought to use rings to hold napkins. Who, indeed, would have expected such a thing? Of course, the country that best fits the bill is France, which is famous for its beautiful palaces and Bourgeoisie and has a penchant for the finer things in life.

We can't tell you who invented the napkin ring; instead, we can tell you that they initially emerged in France some time in the 19th century. Naturally, only the wealthy had access to such.


They were originally crafted from silver but have since evolved into versions using both less expensive and more costly materials.

It's intriguing how a seemingly useless technology may become so popular so quickly. Even now, people will go to great efforts to personalize their napkin rings with their initials or a special design.

What we now call a decoration was originally just a practical way to tell the filthy from the clean napkins. It used to be that reusable napkins were designated with napkin rings.

Thus, if a napkin was clean at the end of supper a century or two ago, it would have been returned to the napkin ring and used again.


It is common practice to use napkin rings to secure napkins when they are not in use. A napkin ring is a must if you want your table to look neat and tidy. To help you maintain order at your table, we have compiled a list of the top 10 napkin rings.

In order to pick the most appropriate napkin holder, you should consider the occasion, the venue, the available space, the material, and the design. You should ask and answer the question, "Where and when will I use this napkin holder?" before making a final decision.

Napkin holders can come in many different shapes and sizes. These come in a variety of shapes and sizes, such as uprights, horizontals, rings, dispensers, and do-it-yourself models for domestic use. There is an improvement in adaptability in each of them in response to a distinct set of circumstances. Their market price ranges widely from $5 to $500. The materials used, the aesthetics of the design, and the practicality of the product are the primary factors that determine its price. As many variations on the dining table design exist, too. The answer is found in your wallet. However, it's important to remember that a higher-priced model may last for many years and end up being worth the money.

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