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The Best Swimming Headphones For Apple Watch: 2023 List

Brandon Forder
  Jan 30, 2023 9:55 PM

Workouts in the pool can be draining, particularly for novice swimmers. Therefore, swimmers seek musical solace from the best swimming headphones in addition to energy drinks and physical rest. Fast music with motivating lyrics has been shown to increase exercise intensity and duration. That's why swimmers need watertight headphones more than anything else.

Finding the best headphones for swimming can be difficult, but buying a regular pair of headphones is simple. Even though you're well aware that you should look for the best waterproof headphones, there are still other considerations that may come up.

It's possible you'll also need to investigate the various manufacturers of swimming headphones, the many styles of swimming headphones available, and so on.

As a result, we put more than 50 pairs of swimming headphones through their paces so you can make an educated decision. We put every pair of swimming headphones (mainly earbuds) through rigorous testing before selecting the top 8.

Throughout this guide, we will cover a wide range of topics, including but not limited to: what to look for in a good pair of swimming headphones, reviews of the best swimming headphones currently available, and answers to commonly asked questions (FAQs) about swimming headphones.

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Types of waterproof headphones for swimming

Waterproof headphones are a need for music lovers, much like a good bathing suit. In order to zero in on the best option, it's important to take a quick glance at all of the available varieties first.

Wired earphones 

The only noticeable differences are the waterproof design and typically shorter connection compared to traditional wired earbuds. It is essential that they link up with a watertight MP3 player, fitness watch, etc.

Bone conduction headphones

These headphones, when worn over the cheekbones, vibrate the inner ear to carry the sound. The best aspect is that they will not obstruct your hearing. It's arguable whether or not the audio is high quality, though.

Integrated MP3 player

These headphones are water-resistant and feature an internal media player, as the name suggests, eliminating the need for an other device. However, these can be costly and cause battery problems.

Waterproof rating

Verify that it has at least an IPX8 rating before using it. Additionally, you should evaluate the manufacturer's suggested depth and time against the needs of your intended activity. These details may be found in the description of nearly every name-brand and high-quality product.

Cord size

If you're going to be swimming, you should probably use a cable that's not too long. Does it come with a plug-in for when you want to go for a run, meditate, or ride a bike, or whatever? That, or you'll have to go out and buy one separately.

Battery life

Are five to six hours sufficient, or do you need extra time to complete your task? Does it make a difference if a fast charge is offered?

Stable fit in water

To keep headphones in your ears while also preventing water from entering is a challenging task. So far, in-ear headphones with triple-flange eartips that block water are your best chance for a snug, comfortable fit. If you want to be safe, you should wear a swim cap. As soon as you stop exercising and water begins to enter your ears, you will no longer be able to hear the music.

Wires with gold-plated plug

Submerging a Bluetooth device under water will prevent it from connecting. Coating the AUX plug in gold will prevent corrosion in wired headphones, which you will require (or some other non-corrosive material).


Like most people, you probably dislike having to constantly buy new headphones since the old ones break. Investing a bit more money up front in a high-quality item usually pays off in the end. This is why you should prioritize selecting a pair of headphones based on their track record.

Sound quality

You still want your headphones to sound excellent, even if their waterproof rating means they won't win any awards for audio quality. You want to listen to music without sacrificing quality, even when you're in the pool. With proper fitting, the headphones we recommend here offer satisfying sound quality (for the category).


Is there a way to listen to music while swimming?

To listen to music at will while swimming, you can use the best swimming headphones that also function as an MP3 player. Unfortunately, Bluetooth is not functional while submerged, thus you can't use those headphones.

Can you swim with Jaybirds?

No. All Jaybird earbuds include Bluetooth connectivity. For this reason, they are not suitable for swimming. Earbuds from Jaybird, like the Jaybird Vista, have an IPX7 rating, making them resistant to water and sweat. In addition to being unfit for swimming, they can only be submerged for a maximum of three feet.

Can you swim with IPX8 headphones?

Swimming with headphones that have an IPX8 rating is possible. Underwater headphones with an IPX8 rating can be utilized at depths of 1 meter (even beyond in some cases). Therefore, only swimming headphones with an IPX8 rating are included in this resource.

Can you swim with IPX7 headphones?

IPX7 headphones are not waterproof. Since IPX7 headphones are water-resistant only for up to 30 minutes, they should only be used in and around the pool.

How does water protection work?

Hydrophobic coatings prevent water from penetrating waterproof headphones. If water doesn't get into the headphones' internal electronics, they'll keep on working as usual.


Know that there is a range of results to expect. Unfortunately, not all headphones that claim to be waterproof actually are.

How to get the best fit in the water?

A swim cap will help you to keep your headphones in place while you are swimming. Swim caps are ubiquitous and inexpensive, and they can help keep your headphones in place as you swim.

Make sure you're using the correct ear plugs. Variety is typically built into swimming headphones. Give each a shot and choose the ones that work best for you.


You have now reached the final section of our tutorial! To that end, we genuinely hope you found this tutorial to be informative and useful. You may listen to your music of choice as you swim thanks to our recommended swimming headphones. Have you yet located the ideal pair of underwater headphones? Have no fear; you have all the time in the world to consider the various alternatives we have provided.

Feel free to use the comment area below to ask questions or make ideas. Moreover, please provide us with the specifics of any other headphones or headphones accessories you'd like us to evaluate, and we'll get right to work!

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