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Best Women's Sailing Shoes : Review And Buying Guide

Brandon Forder
  May 30, 2024 10:11 AM

When it comes to footwear, ladies who enjoy sailing now have more options than ever. You can choose from some traditional docksiders made of leather or canvas, some technical sailing sneakers, some water shoes, or even some sandals. While the form and purpose of each choice are different, there are some commonalities to keep in mind while making your final decision.

Sailing footwear needs to have nonmarking soles with enough grip to prevent slipping on wet decks in bad weather, a closed toe to prevent harm, and materials that dry quickly and don't deteriorate from frequent exposure to sea water. The best women's sailing shoes on the market range from stylish options for the serious sailor to affordable water shoes for the occasional sailor.

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Buying Guide

Desire to wear

Try on as many pairs as you can to find the most comfortable ones. If you're set on getting a pair of synthetic "trainers," it's important to get the right size the first time around because they won't stretch as you wear them.

Quality leather deck shoes, like Wuzzos and Orca Bay, will shape to your foot with wear since they are created with thicker leather and no synthetic lining. If that's the case, go for a pair that's a little snug rather than "the next size up," since the leather will stretch to accommodate your foot.

Style v practicality

Keep in mind that functionality is just as important as style. Hard sailing requires boat shoes that hug the foot snugly so that they don't fall off when you're scurrying across the deck in rainy circumstances.

360-degree lacing systems, in which one lace runs from the back of the shoe to the front tie eyelets, are recommended for leather deck shoes to get a secure and personalized fit.


Fabrics in sailing footwear should be seaworthy. Uppers are typically constructed of leather, canvas, or suede that has been treated to repel water and stains. Synthetic fabrics intended for quick-drying lightness, durability, and breathability are sometimes used in more modern sneaker styles. Soles are commonly made of rubber or a rubber compound with razor-cut siping that aids in traction on wet surfaces, and this holds true across a wide range of shoe types. Rubber has the advantage of not leaving marks, thus it won't ruin your deck.


Select a pair of women's sailing shoes built for the elements and traction on deck/around the dock to ensure your safety. Moreover, make sure the soles won't leave any marks.


A poorly fitting pair of sailing shoes may quickly ruin an otherwise enjoyable day on the water by pinching, chafing, or feeling uncomfortably loose. Keep in mind that sizes can vary from brand to brand, so it's best to try them on before making a purchase. Shoes should be sized according to the larger of your two feet (most people have one somewhat larger than the other), with plenty of room in the toe box, ball of the foot, and heel. You should be able to fit a finger in between your longest toe and the end of your shoe when standing, and your heel should be securely in place at all times when walking.


What materials, colors, and designs complement your particular style is a big factor in picking the proper style of sailing shoe. What you need from a pair of sailing shoes is also a factor. It's not necessary to spend a lot of money on a high-quality pair of water shoes if you just plan on using them a few times a year when you hire a dinghy at a tropical resort. High-end docksiders that win in both fashion and function may be the best choice for a seasoned yachtie, while professional fisherwomen, offshore cruisers, and racing sailors should go with specialized footwear built for their unique activity.

Strong rubber sole

You should look for a pair of women's boat shoes with a flexible yet robust rubber sole if you plan on using them for sailing. The rubber bottoms of these shoes are a must, as the deck of a boat is usually wet. The rubber bottoms will prevent you from sliding around on the floor.


When searching for a pair of women's boat shoes, it's crucial to look for those with water-resistant or waterproofing properties. Waterproof boat shoes for women are a great way to protect your feet from the elements while on the boat. Waterproof boat shoes are another helpful safety measure.

Textured soles

Boat shoe bottoms, in terms of both cut and pattern, must not be boring. These patterns and cuts ensure that even when the deck is wet, you won't be able to slide around. If you're in the market for a pair of women's boat shoes, it's a good idea to examine the bottoms first.


How do I clean boat shoes?

It's not hard to maintain a pair of boat shoes so that they always look like new. Since the uppers of most boat shoes are water- and abrasion-resistant, all you need to do to clean them is rinse them with water and dish soap, then let them air dry. Most boat shoe designs also feature an easily removable footbed that can be washed in a soapy water solution and then hung to dry.

Can I wear socks with boat shoes?

Even while the traditional nautical look for boat shoes is to be worn without socks, it is now quite acceptable to wear socks with your boat shoes for a more urban look. If you are concerned about rubbing causing blisters, a nice pair of no-show socks may help.

Can I wear my boat shoes outside of the boat?

Boat shoes are normally used on ship decks, but they are also appropriate for use in the outdoors. Boat shoes are great for preventing slips and falls on both sandy beaches and icy sidewalks.

How to take care of boat shoes?

Boat shoes should be cleaned after every trip. Apply leather conditioner when cleaning leather boat shoes. Likewise, a toothbrush and baking soda can be used to clean muddy canvas boat shoes.


Women's deck shoes come in a variety of styles and materials, and not all of them are specifically designed for the water. But if you're a woman in need of the finest boat shoes available, you've come to the right place. Sportswear companies, and men's boat shoe manufacturers in particular, often produce women's sizes and colors of their popular footwear.

Not all boat shoes are designed for serious sailing, so it's important to know exactly what you'll be doing with them. Some deck shoes on the market are designed for and work best in a less formal environment. This increases their adaptability, but decreases their utility as boats.

producers of deck shoes will keep making them whether or not there is a market for them. Serious sailors can spot a quality pair of boat shoes from a mile away. Whether or not you own a boat, you can still find a pair of boat shoes that is both stylish and comfortable for everyday use.

With any luck, this rundown of top-tier women's sailing footwear has shed some light on the subject.

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